About Us

Guiding Values

Inspired by the preamble in the World YWCA Constitution, the key values and principles guiding the work of the YWCAs around the world towards their common vision and purpose are:

• Placing women, young women and girls’ empowerment at the center of our work.

• Honoring our Christian foundation and being inclusive of women of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

• Respecting diversity and upholding the human rights principles of participation, nondiscrimination and accountability.

• Modeling intergenerational and shared leadership able to transform our world.

• Promoting volunteerism and effective, mutually respectful partnerships.

• Operating with integrity from a human rights based approach

• Ensuring good governance and accountability at all levels for a sustainable YWCA movement.

• Valuing the history and ongoing work of the YWCA movement in its diversity.

Key People

National Executive Committee Members:

National President: Violet Magodo

Vice President: Glennis Mangwiza

Treasurer: Doreen Hlatshwayo

Past President: Esnath Jennifer Kajawu

National General Secretary: Muchanyara Mukamuri

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