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The four (4) Strategic Pillars namely; advocacy on women`s rights; Education and Leadership Development ; Women and Health; and Organisational Development and good governance in the theory of change are centered on the women and girls with a strong bias on empowerment, healthy wellbeing and an end to poverty in a bid to build healthy, resilient communities.

Strategic Pillar 1. Advocacy on women’s rights

Rationale The Zimbabwean society is patriarchal in nature and the gender playing field is not level which the influences perceptions that are unjust and treat women as second class citizens with no voice on issues that concern them. For example gender disparity, lack of women in positions of influence and authority. To ensure gender parity prevails whilst eradicating gender-bias, YWCA mandates itself to educate women and girls on their rights and how to claim them in a bid to catapult them to their well deserved social, economic and political positions.

• To reduce by 30percent social and cultural injustices perpetrated against women and girls by 2023

• To raise awareness through training and action towards addressing women and girls rights.

• To increase by 30percent the number of women in leadership at local, regional and national positions by 2023

Strategic Pillar 2. Education and leadership development

Rationale Women are primarily responsible for family care and child socialisation and this for many years have deprived them from participating in development activities. It is against this background that YWCA tasked itself to provide play schools for children under the ages of in order to create time for women who needed to explore and engage in business development training and other social programs that expose their capacity, potentials and freedoms.

• To ensure the leadership of at least 10% young women in Development Structures, including Ward Development Committees, School Development Committees, Youth Development Committees and Residents Associations by 2019.

• To reduce by 10 percent early marriages and girls on the streets through facilitating basic skills education for self-sustenance

• To reduce by 5percent unemployment among young women by equipping them for entrepreneurship by 2021. Activities Pre-schools, hotel and catering, flower arrangement, leadership t

Strategic Pillar 3. Women and Health

Rationale Social standards and expectations placed upon women have exposed and rendered them to find comfort in products that are harmful and in turn compromise their health in order to compete. Moreover Women are exposed to numerous diseases due to the fact that they are primary care takers of any family therefore this leaves them in the risk of being infected or affected by curable and incurable diseases. It is upon this realisation that the organisation shall facilitate and raise awareness on self acceptance, sex education, rights and health information for women and girls.

• To reach 10 percent of Zimbabwean women’s constituency for dialogue on self awareness and acceptance by 2021

• To increase by 5percent the number of women who can access and get tested screened for cervical cancer.

• To reduce by 5percent unemployment among young women by equipping them for entrepreneurship by 2021.

Strategic Pillar 4. Organisational Development and good governance

• To strengthen the financial resource base of the organisation by 30% by 2020

• To review new policies and update systems by the year 2019

• To put in place and strengthen the national board and 3 regional committees by 2021.

Activities Undertake reviews to comply with good management and accountability principles Mobilise human and financial resources to promote the work of the organisation Develop policies and procedures manuals and distribute them to all stakeholders Organise trainings for staff, volunteers and board members Carry out monitoring and supervision of activity implementation.


Programmes and programme activities of the YWCA Zimbabwe shall be implemented through its members and shall be coordinated by the secretariat of the YWCA Zimbabwe. In the event of a member/members being sued, arrested or incarcerated for their participation in YWCA Zimbabwe or for activities carried out by her/them as part of YWCA Zimbabwe’s implementation process, YWCA Zimbabwe shall take responsibility for their legal costs.

Current Programs include:

• Advocacy and women's rights

• Leadership training for Young women

• Sexual Reproductive health including HIV, Cancer

• Economic empowerment

• Spiritual growth for young women

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